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Bruce is CPA and Forensic Accountant serving the Cannabis Industry. Bruce is the financial partner who is just as committed to your success as you are. Bruce is dedicated to the establishment and growth of businesses in the emerging legalized cannabis industry. Because of the legality at the state level and illegality at the federal level, many traditional CPAs won’t even touch cannabis businesses. Bruce provides outsourced and in-house CFO and accounting services for Cannabis business to: 

1.) Set up your business with an accounting system that will meet the stringent requirements set out by GAAP and both federal and state agencies;
2.) Properly allocate COGS (cost of goods sold) to minimize your tax bill – keep more of your cash - to the amount allowed following the rules of 280E;
3.) Document and standardize the process of COGS allocation allowing a consistent and methodical method for recording COGS thereby providing necessary evidential documentation matter needed upon IRS audit;
4.) Prepare and maintain the books and records ready for a CPA audit needed for cash raise, private placement, merger, acquisition, and public offering.

As a CFE (certified fraud examiner) he brings broad experience in the areas of internal controls, litigation support, and internal fraud investigations. There is no such thing as a small fraud, it's only a large fraud that was caught early. Bruce helps companies set up controls to limit the risk of fraud in your organization.

As a finance and accounting leader he will partner with you to provide expert advice and together increase profits, improve cash flow, and reach higher levels of success.

Save Time And Money With An Outsourced CFO

When companies are facing systemic or industry challenges, a single discipline or focus cannot provide the comprehensive support they need.

Bruce’s multidisciplinary "CFO for Hire" practice combines real world CFO experience with solid accounting and finance capabilities to provide strategic, hands on expertise. Bruce provides a range of "CFO for Hire" services from business planning, financial projections and tax strategy, to debt restructuring, business process and capital raising. Bruce goes beyond cost containment to strengthen revenue streams and find new ways to sell more products and services.

An added benefit of Bruce "CFO for Hire" practice is that he is a CPA, which adds credibility to communications and relationships with banks, prospective investors, and the Internal Revenue Service. As a "CFO for Hire" he focuses on long-term financial strategy. For early-stage ventures and startups, CFO outsourcing provides financial oversight without the risk of hiring a full-time employee.

Bruce "CFO for Hire" solution enables you to utilize his skills as much or as little as you need, whenever you need him.

About Bruce

For over 25 years, Bruce has partner with business owners to provide outsourced controller and CFO services with expert advice and assistance on financial functions to increase profits, improve cash flow and guide organizations towards greater levels of success. Create and improve financial reporting tools, dashboards, and KPI’s to deliver timely and valuable information for the successful business operations. 

  • Prepare audit for $550M company cutting auditing time 40%.
  • Implement financial reporting system in a non-profit reducing auditing costs by 50%.
  • Establish cost tracking system for engineering firm, enabling better project/budget   control.
  • Reduce CPA costs 40% by restructuring and consolidating operations for two seed  processing plants. 
  • Improve job costing in detective agency and process costing in chemical  manufacturing company establishing better information more quickly.

From startups with limited resources to established Cannabis businesses, Bruce is ready to serve you!

Contact Me

Bruce is based in San Diego, Ca but works with companies throughout the country. 

Bruce Jolliff, CPA, CFE

San Diego, Ca 92101

(509) 952-9923


Monday - Friday: 8am - pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment

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